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Beautiful Glass Tabletops & Decorative Glass

You’ll find a wide range of custom glass tabletops and decorative glass options at KOST GLASS in Lindenhurst, New York. We take great pride in offer the finest quality glass for any needs.

Glass Top Table - Decorative Glass

Glass Tabletops

Your new glass tabletop can be custom-made up to ¼” thick, or ordered up to ¾”. Each one can be ordered in any various shapes and sizes or can be cut to a pattern. All of the edges are finished for safety, and we recommend that you choose tempered glass for any table that is used heavily. Annealing glass is available for casual use tables.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is used in windows, most commonly. Yours can be cut to your specification to fit any window or opening.


Mirrors and other decorative glass options are available as well. We cut the mirrors to size and finish the edges for a clean, smooth look. We can handle mirrors up to 4’x7’ with different thickness from 1/8” to ¼”. Custom shapes can be cut for specialty and decorative purposes, and we cut glass for broken side mirrors on vehicles.

Contact us for gorgeous glass tabletops and decorative glass to enhance your home or vehicle.